About Us

Who we are

Our story began in the summer of 2019. We challenged all conventional healthcare models and dared to provide something even more exceptional.

Founded by Amit Sindhwani, The Healthcare Professionals mission to empower our patients to greater and healthier lives was set into motion. Our promise – To provide kindness in our service and innovation in our care. Our Healthcare Professionals collaborate together with one goal in mind, you, and helping you feel better than ever.

The Healthcare Professionals team

Our Mission

To empower our patients to greater and healthier lives.

Our Vision

Continually striving to provide innovative care and exceptional service with compassion and kindness.


The Healthcare Professionals Rationale

The Health Care Professionals provide exceptional services, that encourage healing and personal growth. The body is always working to rejuvenate, develop, and progress. This logo represents these concepts.

The two green dots suggest good health and growth, between people working together to meet a goal. The simplicity of the dots symbolizes the logo’s ability to be interrupted as any client to professional relationship. The presence of blue brings calming notions, and creates a feeling of a strong physical and mental health management.

The line that acts as the cross along the “T”, brings the eye to the right and finishes through the “P”, serves as a metaphor for a client’s journey. It could relate to the race track of a runner, training to increase endurance and jump the hurdles along the way. The negative space at the bottom left of the logo, represents a time of injury for the runner, and then bringing them back onto the track. The line illustrates forward movement, and progression towards resilience and a stronger comeback.

The professionals from THP are there to work with clients, enabling them to heal, be resilient, and continue on the race track of life.

Our Community